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    About Us
    About Us

    Wuxi Kaifeng Pressure Gauges,Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2004,is a company specealized in the pressure gauge scale production.It is located in the developed Yangtze River Delta in China beside the scenic Taihu Lake.Since its establishment,Kaifeng has been continuously expanding its size,increasing equipment,improving testing methods and introducing new technology and new process.It has now become a manufacture focused on the production of mid-and high-end pressure gauges.
    We mainly provide supporting products for the firefighting system,life saving equipment,machine manufacture equipment,metallurgical,chemical,oil,food,medical,water treatment ad hydraulic system.The products include:shockproof pressure gauges,stainless steel pressure gauges, shockproof electric contact pressure gauges,firefighting pressure gauges,luminous pressure gauges, dual pointer shockproof pressure gauges,pressure gauges for ships,differential pressure gauges, diaphrame pressure gauges,capsule pressure gayges,CNG pressure gauges,WSS bimetallic thermometer gauges,drilling pressure,refrigerant pressure gauges,big head shockproof pressure gauges,precision pressure gauges,pressure measuring boxes as well as special pressure gauges tailored to customer requirements.
    With enterprise scale on continuous expansion,we are making great efforts to improve management levels,enhance product quality to meet the customer needs.The company passed ISO9001 certification in 2008 and ECE certification in 2015.
    Over the past years,all employees od the company,from top to bottom,have been working hard together.As a result,the company has seen considerable development with greater overall strength and development potential,In future,we will stick to the guiding philosophy of “Only development is the cardinal principle” as usual,maintain the mature manufacture process and honest operation guided by advanced development concepts and make more innovations and developments in teamwork spitir.We will cut through wind and waves of the fierce market competition on the way towards building up the cpmpany into the No.1 brand of china’s pressure gauge.