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    What should be paid attention to in the use of digital pressure meter?
    What should be paid attention to in the use of digital pressure meter?
    News Source:   2016-05-07 09:12:05

    Digital pressure gauge using liquid crystal display technology used in strong will reduce the service life of the LCD screen, and may be caused by a digital pressure gauge data identification is not clear, so the location of digital pressure meter installation to avoid glare. If the digital pressure meter or the consequence of the safety accident caused by the strong light, the production factory of the digital pressure meter will not take any responsibility.

    Digital pressure gauge

    Digital pressure gauge stainless steel wetted parts of metal materials and ceramic sensor can directly measure the weak alkaline medium, if the digital pressure gauge measurement of strong acid medium in the selection should pay more attention to mind the use of diaphragm digital pressure gauge.

    Digital pressure meter using non rechargeable lithium battery, after the use of digital pressure meter lithium battery should be properly handled.

    Digital pressure gauge used in low temperature (less than -30 DEG C), may cause the digital pressure gauge does not show the faults such as the use of more than 85 DEG C in high temperature conditions, should be added to the radiator, otherwise the digital pressure gauge measuring accuracy can not be guaranteed, but also in high temperature lithium battery to the risk of explosion. In the process of storage or transportation should also pay attention to the temperature of digital pressure meter.